About Esteban

Esteban’s work challenges racial and gendered stereotypes that circulate in popular culture by offering transformative and liberating representations of the body. He sees the body as a vessel and as a complex map of inflicted memories that are conditioned by lived experiences. Esteban uses Afro-Cuban symbolism from the Abakuá, Lucumí, and Regla Kimbisa religions and their parallels with life to re-signify the histories and contemporary structures that sustain racism and sexism. Esteban’s paintings are mystical, Black-centered and confrontational. Black, white, reds and yellows predominate in his works, which are mostly large-format paintings that mix techniques such as collagraph and cyanotype.


Born in La Habana, Cuba.  In 2011 he obtains the BFA degree from the National Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” in Havana. A year later, Jiménez Guerra opened his own studio gallery in Havana called the “Almost Famous Gallery.” He used the space to exhibit his work, create art and hold workshops for children in the community.

Two years later, on June 4, Jiménez Guerra flew to the USA as part of a group of artists called “The Wall” to collaborate with the American collective “Arte Libre.” He has lived and worked in between Havana and New York ever since. As a visual artist he have had works exhibited nationally and internationally. Esteban have been invited to art fairs, symposiums, talks, and workshops in institutions such Detour Gallery, NJ, the Cuban Art Space Gallery, the Children’s Museum of the Arts, NYC, University of Massachusetts Boston for the International Printmaking Workshop, the Montevallo University for Blue Waters Symposium, Alabama, among many others. His work has also been exhibited at the University of Essex, London, UK.

Represented by Pavillon 54 Gallery and Detour Gallery.