Eroticized Violence

This is an interdisciplinary project that explores the ties between race, eroticism, and violence. Thinking about the journey of this project, I found myself on some treacherous and delicate paths. How can I do work about the erotic and sexual pleasures that are manifested through pain or submission without reproducing the oppression of black bodies despite my efforts to focus on the erotic? For some bodies that we identify as black, the experience seems different. The pleasure engendered through pain or submission could generate connections to experiences of trauma that – although we may not have lived directly in our bodies – we identify as forms of oppression exclusively connected to violence.

This project is a form of exploration of the human capacity to find liberation inside spaces that are marked by oppression. The visual elements combine the aesthetics of BDSM and Afro-Cuban religions. Both practices are connected by the fact that they are stigmatized, practiced secretly, and in both the body is a medium to seek liberation (sexual and spiritual).