Series “Gazapos de mi Historia” 
The piece is based on the real design of the Cuban flag. It is a recontextualization of its symbolism by bringing to our context issues that currently matters to the Cuban people. In this artwork boats made of paper, bread, nails, medical bandage and street photography became the words of survivors. The words of a nation, the words of a frozen utopia.  

“Anonymous Heroes” Installation.

This is an artwork created to recognize, re-dimensioned and honor the image of the common workers, anonymous heroes merged in our every day’s society. By creating three medals based on the original design of governmental distinctions from Cuba, granted mainly to highest commanders or people from the highest spheres in the Cuban system. This time made out of the materials and tools that some of the common workers use in their daily work.

The medal to the “housemaid”, is made with a broom, pale as a pin medal and cloth. The medal to the “tailor” who worked exhausting hours in big uniform factories is made with clothes like trousers, t-shirt, Cuban primary uniform, and hanger. The medal to the “collector of the recycle materials” is made with cans, cardboard and plastic bags. This work is a symbolic Honor to those Anonymous heroes.